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Our Park is holiday park and therefore a non-residential site (proof of UK residence is a pre-requisit to buying a unit), and it is closed during the months of January through to March. The Park is managed by an Executive, elected by members, who run the Park for the collective good, on a non-profit basis.

Individual units are sold privately via local estate agents, although there is an interview process for the new applicant to make sure they understand and agree to our regulations. One of these rules is that units cannot be let or rented, and thereby limiting the Park occupancy to known owners, friends and family.

In 1994 Holton Hall Park was given the status of a 'County Wildlife Site', by the Waveney District Council, thus protecting it from further development. Suffolk Wildlife Trust advise on the conservation of the parkland, which includes rich grassland with Dyers Greenwood and orchids, a well stocked lake, and rich ancient mixed woodland, predominatly ash, hornbeam, oak, sycamore and horse chestnut.

In the Begining...

Holton Hall was enhanced and developed by Andrew Johnston, agent for the Halesworth bank in 1853-62

During the War...

The estate was used by the American Air Force as living quarters for airmen based at the nearby airfield. It was home to Zemkeís Wolfpack, the famous American 56th fighter group, the 489th bomb group and later the 5th Emergency Rescue squadron.

In 1968..

The land was purchased by Jarman and Platte furniture makers from East London. In 1981 the 55 residents courageously bought the estate from Jarman and Platte, forming a limited liability company.

The Park Today - through the seasons

Spring - entrance to Holton Hall Park

Summer - view towards the lake over the meadow

Summer - the grass path around the lake with orchids, fleabane, yellow flag iris

End of summer - our meadow is cut and baled as part of our conservation strategy

Autumn - fungai forray in the woodland

Autumn - mist on the lake

Winter - our lake frozen

Down Upper Sleepy Valley

Winter - our office, which was the Laundry during the war time

Winter - West Gate Pond, one of four ponds on the estate

Winter - down Starling Walk

Winter - at the turn of Starling Walk, with the sentient two limes.

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